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Rich. Fruity.

$100/ 2 Kilo

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The Hambela area of Guji is one of the most exciting in all of Ethiopia, with very high altitudes and young, vigorous plants that are incredibly healthy. Producers around the Goro washing station have between 3 and 15 hectares of land, far more than the national average, which makes farmer training and incentivization for quality improvement easier and more attainable. Due to the environment, coffee from this area takes a relatively long time to dry, about 40 days. However, slow growth and maturation of the plants mean that general cup quality is outstanding.

This coffee features rich notes of pomegranate, rosé, and dark chocolate.


Gora Washing Station


Hambela, Ethiopia






2000 - 2320 Meters

Net Weight

2 Kilo / Whole Bean

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