• Morro Dos Padeiros
  • Morro Dos Padeiros

Morro Dos Padeiros


Rich. Chocolatey.

$97/ 2 Kilo

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Paulo Sergio Cal Duarte purchased the Morro Dos Padeiros farm in 2010, recognizing great potential in its terroir and natural resources for growing specialty coffee. Located in the small town of Ervalia in the micro-region of Mata de Minas, the farm has since grown to over 270,000 coffee plants, and Paulo’s passion for the environment has led to various systems for reusing byproducts of coffee processing. Parchment is worked into compost for fertilizing fields, and filtration systems ensure that little water is wasted during washing and pulping, with much of it being recycled for irrigation.

In the cup, look for notes of dried cranberry, clove, and chocolate pudding.


Paulo Sergio Cal Duarte


Brasil, Mata de Minas, Minas Gerais


Red Catuaí


Pulped Natural


800-1100 Meters

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Classic / Seasonal

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