Daurfusu (Washed)

Daurfusu (Washed)

East Timor

Rich. Chocolatey.

$21/ 300g

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Daurfusu is a 37-member farmer group in the Dukurai village community. Coffee is the community's primary source of income for the year, often supplemented by the local sale of vegetables. The group is led by Simiao Pedro de Deus, a highly skilled producer, quality officer, educator, and community figure whose coffee has earned top-10 accolades in the 2019 Timor coffee quality competition.

The lots that make up this selection are processed at the individual farmer level, meaning each family harvests and processes their own cherry utilizing traditional local techniques. This can include locally made gum-wood and hammered tin pulpers, fermenting in buckets or bags for 36 hours, and drying on tarpaulins. 

We are excited to present this unique coffee that features notes of honeydew melon, sarsaparilla, and molasses.


Daurfusu farmer group


Letefoho, Ermera


Typica, Timor Hybrid




1400 - 1600 Meters

Net Weight

300G / Whole Bean

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