honduras La Peña

La Peña


Rich. Chocolatey.

$14/ 250G

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We were honored to bring in this year's harvest from the Nelson Ramirez farm. Ramirez, often called El Ingeniero, or The Engineer, is a meticulous producer known for his relentless study and fine tuning of every single detail of his farm and crop. We partner with El Ingeniero to create special lot separations, such as the incredible La Peña, because we believe exceptional coffees should stand on their own and be celebrated.

Taste rich chocolate, almond butter, golden raisin, & grape jam with hints of spiced cherry & clementine as it cools. Medium leaning toward heavier body, with a long, rich linger.


Nelson Ramirez


Santa Barbara


Catuai, Pacas




1500-1650 meters

Net Weight

250G / Whole Bean

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