Porfirio Castellanos

Porfirio Castellanos


Delicate. Fruity.

$18/ 300G

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Select roast profile (Drip or Espresso) based on your brew method.

We've worked with Porfirio Castellanos in Santa Barbara, Honduras, for nearly a decade. We are consistently impressed by the quality and consistency of his offerings. This single origin coffee undergoes an extended fermentation of 20-24 hours during processing which greatly enhances the fruit-forward cup profile. This coffee comes from a single variety called Pacas which is well known for high quality and hardiness.

This coffee offers unique and delicious taste notes of raspberry and pinot blanc that transition effortlessly into a lingering molasses finish.


Porfirio Castellanos


Santa Barbara






1600-1700 Meters

Net Weight

300G / Whole Bean

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