Sulawesi Gowa Topidi (Natural)

Sulawesi Gowa Topidi (Natural)


Rich. Fruity.

$18/ 300g

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This selection comes from Daeng Balenkang, a pioneer of coffee in Sulawesi who helped spread the Typica variety throughout surrounding villages and forests by introducing a handful of seedlings over 50 years ago. After decades of selling cheap, unsorted coffee to local collectors, Daeng Balenkang and his family began to process their own specialty coffee for local roasters domestically and internationally. This year we are featuring three of their coffees from the same harvest that have been processed using different methods.

In this natural-process selection, look for lush notes of honeydew, starfruit, and chamomile.


Daeng Balenkang


Topidi Village, Sulawesi






1300 - 1600 Meters

Net Weight

300g / Whole Bean

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