honduras Bulk Instant Decaf Las Capucas

Bulk Instant Decaf Las Capucas


Rich. Chocolatey.


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This unique single origin coffee displays beautiful red currant acidity, sweet brandy tones, and caramel atop a smooth baker's chocolate finish.

Skip the excess packaging with our resealable bulk pouches. Recommended serving size is 5g (~1/2 TBLS) of instant coffee per 8-10 oz of water. Please keep the pouch closed and free from moisture to help preserve shelf life. One pouch makes 25 cups.

The Capucas community has a well-earned reputation for quality. Located near the Mayan ruins on the western side of Honduras, they have been pioneers in mill modernization which has helped them deliver clean, consistent, and high scoring coffees year after year. Along with better tools, they have added intensive farmer education, coffee quality competitions, and organic and bird-friendly certifications. 

The Swiss Water Process was used to decaffeinate this very popular single origin coffee. Swiss Water is a 100% chemical-free process that preserves the subtle and distinct origin and flavor characteristics of the coffee. Learn more here.




San Pedro Copan


Pacas, Caturra




1600-1650 Meters

Net Weight


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