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Bulk Instant Decaf Los Idolos


Rich. Chocolatey.


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The Sugarcane decaffeination process magnifies sweetness and acidity, producing an incredible decaffeinated coffee. Look for sweet and complex notes of turbinado sugar, cherry cola, and clove in the cup.

Skip the excess packaging with our resealable bulk pouches. Recommended serving size is 5g (~1/2 TBLS) of instant coffee per 8-10 oz of water. Please keep the pouch closed and free from moisture to help preserve shelf life. One pouch makes 25 cups.

This coffee has been naturally decaffeinated using water and sugar cane which is sometimes referred to as E.A. The ethyl acetate decaffeination process uses solvents naturally derived from sugar cane to remove caffeine while preserving its unique flavors. 

While the region of Huila is known for its optimal growing geography and quality output, the municipality of San Agustin is unique in that 80% of its small-scale farms grow coffee on less than 3 hectares of land. This selection, named for the pre-Colombian burial sites found throughout the area, comes from 50 farmers who are unified in their focus on quality and overwhelming pride in their product. 


50 small-scale coffee growers from the municipality of San Agustin


Colombia, Huila, San Augustin


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia




1600 -1900 Meters

Net Weight


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