• Sayama Kaori
  • Sayama Kaori

Sayama Kaori

Green Tea

Ryogochi, Japan

$16/ 40g

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Balanced and expressive with taste notes of pea shoots, pumpkin seeds, & ponderosa pine.

Sayamakaori’, or, “Fragrance of Sayama,” comes from natural hybrid seedlings, originally developed in Saitama in 1971. This lot was grown in Ryogochi, one of the most renowned Shizuoka tea appellations. Tucked in the hills around the Okitsu River, the region's cooler climes and lesser daylight hours provide the ideal growing conditions for bright, balanced, and expressive green tea. Elder smallholder Mr. Mochizuki brings decades of experience to his slope-side garden, while finisher Mr. Wada is a decorated “Chasho” (tea master) of yamacha in the region, renowned for his incredible ability to create a singular blend of multiple aracha sources, steam and roast, and taste-test to create the perfect cup he envisioned prior. 


Tea Master: Wada Kiyoshi Shoten, Farmer: Mr. Mikio Mochizuki


Ryogochi, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan


Sayama Kaori

Harvest Date

May 2021


100 masl

Brewing Recommendation

5g tea | 170ml | 170F | 1 minute 15 seconds (1st steep) | 170ml | 170F | 15 seconds (2nd steep)

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