• Benjamin Miranda
  • Benjamin Miranda

Benjamin Miranda


Rich. Fruity.

$110/ 2 Kilo

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Select roast profile (Drip or Espresso) based on your brew method.

Benjamin Miranda cultivates approximately 1.5 hectares of land in the village of Cielito, Santa Barbara. The elevation of his farm combined with the rich volcanic soil of the Montecillos mountain range contribute to the nuanced and layered complexity in his coffee. The premium gained from the high quality of his crop has enabled Benjamin to rebuild his own small mill station, which allows him to further increase quality by depulping his own coffee before transporting to the local dry mill.

Look for rich and sweet notes of plum, caramel, and honeysuckle in the cup.


Benjamin Miranda


Santa Barbara






1575-1650 Meters

Net Weight

2 Kilo / Whole Bean

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