• David Mancia
  • David Mancia

David Mancia


Delicate. Fruity.

$114/ 2 Kilo

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One of our oldest relationship coffees & a cornerstone of our coffee program, David Mancia's beautiful single origin coffee offers delicious notes of strawberry, black tea, & sugar cane. This seasonal small lot favorite won't be around long, so get yours while you can!

David Mancia's two-hectare farm sits high up in the village of El Cielito, Santa Barbara. In combination with the high elevation, the cool wind off of Lake Yojoa extends his coffee cherry's maturation several weeks beyond those in neighboring regions. Each year David depulps, ferments, and washes his primarily Pacas harvest on site. He then transports the coffee in its parchment to Beneficio San Vincente's mill for patio drying. Through our long-term partnership with David, this coffee is the cornerstone of all that Coava strives to be. 

David's coffee is simply unforgettable and something special you'll look forward to every year. 


David Mancia


El Cielito, Santa Barbara


Pacas, Catimor




1600-1650 Meters

Net Weight

2 Kilo / Whole Bean

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