honduras Familia Mancia

Familia Mancia


Rich. Fruity.

$14.50/ 250G

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Coffee is shipped whole bean to ensure freshness and flavor.

We’ve been working directly with David Mancia since 2008.  It is our great honor to release this new coffee which has been produced by David’s children.  We source coffee through a model of long term relationships and this coffee is a testament to the success of that model. We're delighted to see the Mancia family carry on the family tradition of coffee excellence.  We know you'll love this special offering as much as we do.

Cupping notes: On the nose- Cherry & sweet molasses. Taste- Amaretto, dark-sweet cherry syrup, underscored by vanilla wafer tones.


Mancia Family


Santa Barbara


Pacas / Catimor




1600 - 1650 Meters

Net Weight

250G / Whole Bean

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