guatemala Finca Las Terrazas

Finca Las Terrazas


Rich. Chocolatey.

$14.50/ 250G

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All of our coffees are shipped Whole Bean.

The Vides family is built on the legacy of Jorge Vide who first started cultivating Bourbon & Caturra coffee varieties three generations ago. Jorge’s passion was for health and he practiced as a full time traveling doctor making a significant impact on the region. The National Hospital of Huehuetenango bears his name. His commitment to quality, processing improvement, and farm investment was matched by his altruistic values. He started a school on the farm that has been running since 1980. We’re honored to offer these coffees from the Vides family.

We are enjoying notes of melon, cream soda, and Mexican chocolate in Renaldo’s coffee.


Renaldo Ovalle Vides


La Libertad, Huehuetenango


San Ramon / Bourbon / Caturra




1700 - 2100 Meters

Net Weight

250G / Whole Bean

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