• Honduras Trio
  • Honduras Trio

Honduras Trio

Density Separation Set

Relief for Honduras

$65/ 3x300g

This is a preorder which will roast & ship on Dec. 17th, 2020. *100% of the proceeds will be donated to help rebuild homes and structures lost to hurricane damage.*

This set sold out in 75 minutes. We are blown away by your support! Our donation has been made and we wish we could include all of your names. If you missed out on the density separation trio but would still like to help, please follow this link to donate. Thank you, friends!

The homes of coffee-growing families of the Santa Barbara mountain region have been devastated by Hurricane Eta. Severe landslides have destroyed homes and displaced families in a community already affected by the desolation of Covid-19. Many barely escaped, with no time to save any personal belongings while others are still missing.

These coffees were density separated at our roastery in Portland. We run our separations twice, and in doing so, we separate out the very best of the best beans to roast. The densest beans are consistently the highest scoring & most delicious.

This exclusive density separation trio offering allows you to taste the true perfection of what these single origin coffees have to offer. There are only 80 sets available, so get yours while you can!

These density separation coffees showcase the following taste notes:

Benjamin Miranda Plum, caramel, & honeysuckle

David Mancia Strawberry, black tea, & sugar cane

Porfirio Castellanos Molasses, raspberry, & white wine

The trio also includes two of our favorite chocolates: A Honduras single origin by Seahorse Chocolate & Woodblock Chocolate's Signature Double Origin. 

This community is near and dear to us. We've been partnered with these hard working coffee families since 2008 and consider the coffees they produce to be a cornerstone of our coffee program. The Honduras Trio will roast and ship on December 17th. Your support means the world to us. 


Porfirio Castellanos

Benjamin Miranda

David Mancia




Porfirio Castellanos: Pacas

Benjamin Miranda: Pacas

David Mancia: Pacas, Catimor


Fully Washed

Net Weight

3 x 300G / Whole Bean

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