Instant Fazenda Serra do Boné, Brasil

Instant Fazenda Serra do Boné, Brasil


Rich. Chocolatey.


Taste stunning notes of rum raisin, graham cracker, and dark chocolate.

Carlos Sérgio Sanglard began growing coffee in 1988, with a vision to focus on specialty coffee and organic, sustainable practices that were uncommon in Brasil at the time. He put special care into quality-focused techniques for pulping, fermentation, and drying, and by 2003 began placing in or winning Cup of Excellence competitions. His farm, Serra do Boné (“saw tooth”, after a prominent rock feature), has since grown into an 87-hectare estate that stands as a monument to the pioneering vision of specialty coffee led by Carlos and other producers in Brasil. In the cup, looks for notes of rum raisin, graham cracker, and dark chocolate.

This meticulously prepared coffee has been freeze dried so you can enjoy it wherever life takes you. Just add 10oz of filtered water, stir, and enjoy! One box makes 6 cups of coffee.


Nathalia Maria


Minas Gerais


Red & Yellow Catuai


Pulped Natural


1200 Meters

Net Weight

6 x 5g Packets

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