• Juan Francisco Pira
  • Juan Francisco Pira

Juan Francisco Pira


Rich. Chocolatey.

$100/ 2 Kilo

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Select roast profile (Drip or Espresso) based on your brew method.

Juan Francisco Pira is a unique producer partner in that he works primarily in the grain industry, and growing coffee is closer to a passion project. Since coffee is not his main or sole source of income, he is more willing to try different experimental methods and has a greater tolerance for potential failure. He is also able to utilize his expansive knowledge of other industries and the general process of agriculture to innovate his coffee farming methods, allowing for consistent excellence and increases in quality.

This rich, decadent coffee offers taste notes of baked peach, fudge, and caramel. Absolutely delicious in any preparation. 


Juan Francisco Pira




Bourbon, Typica




1525 - 1800 Meters

Net Weight

2 Kilo / Whole Bean

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