elsalvador La Esperanza

La Esperanza

El Salvador

Rich. Fruity.

$15/ 250g

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This old farm has been producing beautiful coffees for well over a hundred years and this one is no exception. We're fans of history and folklore and have a few interesting tidbits about the farm to share: local folks say there was once a farmer who stashed his fortune-- in gold bars-- buried somewhere under the farm house. After his passing, looters came to search for the gold yet came up empty handed. This farm was also used as the coffee drying station for surrounding farms due to ample patio space to dry the coffee. Today, all processing is done at the Pacas Mill.

La Esperanza is a big coffee; boasting taste notes of plum fruit leather, roasted nuts, & sweet butterscotch.

All coffees are shipped whole bean to ensure freshness and flavor.


Ernesto Pacas Diaz


El Salvador






1400 - 1600 Meters

Net Weight

250G / Whole Bean

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