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Juicy. Fruity.

$101/ 2 Kilo

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Specialty coffee production in Timor-Leste has always faced an uphill battle due to the island's seasonal weather patterns and low-nutrient soil that make it difficult for coffee cherry to thrive.

Despite these challenges, rapid increases in quality and yield have been possible due to programs aimed at bolstering infrastructure and improving harvesting and processing standards.

This offering comes from a group of 542 smallholder producers in Aileu, a high-altitude area with ideal growing conditions that has benefited greatly from these recent interventions into quality and production. In the cup, look for notes of panettone, amarena cherry, and mascarpone cream.


Smallholder farmers in Aileu


Timor Leste, Fatubessi, Kirelo & Laclo, Aileu Vila






1500 - 1600 Meters

Net Weight

2 Kilo / Whole Bean

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