ethiopia Meaza



Delicate. Fruity.

$15/ 250G

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Coffee is shipped whole bean to ensure absolute freshness and flavor.

To honor our long standing relationship with the Kochere Cooperative, we are highlighting a dozen of their top scoring producers. These stalwarts have proven themselves through consistent harvest of only the ripest coffee cherries. After processing and a period of rest, we have the green coffee sorted three times, twice more than other lots coming out of Kochere, to ensure we are receiving the highest grade coffee from the harvest. This Coava exclusive is named for the beautiful “blossoms” found on coffee trees while in bloom. The Meaza is one of the most delicious Ethiopian coffees we have ever tasted.

Taste: Delicate & fruity; black currant, cocoa nibs, sweet orange citrus, super clean with a silky body & creamy mouthfeel, grapefruit acidity & lemon zest. Very elegant.



Kochere Cooperative


Chalalacktu, Borena






1975 - 2000 Meters

Net Weight

250G / Whole Bean

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