kenya Mr. David Mburu

Mr. David Mburu


Rich. Fruity.

$15/ 250G

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Mr. David Mburu bootstrapped himself through schooling to become an attorney before eventually coming back to his roots to run the family coffee farm. He has full control over his milling, fermentation, washing and drying and is using it to push the quality of his coffee higher. He's working with us to separate out different parts of the farm based on environmental criteria. This will allow us to target and separate the parts of the farm that produce different profiles and cup scores. We're as honored to partner with David as we are happy to drink his wonderful coffee.

Expect the coffee to display flavor notes of cocoa nibs, rhubarb, and honeyed graham cracker.

All coffees are shipped whole bean to ensure freshness and flavor.


Mr. David Mburu Mwangi


Kiambu East District


Ruiru / SL 28 / SL 34




1900 Meters

Net Weight

250G / Whole Bean

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