• David Mburu
  • David Mburu

David Mburu


Rich. Fruity.

$110/ 2 Kilo

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David Mburu worked his way through school to become an attorney before ultimately returning to his roots to run the family coffee farm. Unlike most producers, he has full control over the farm’s milling, fermentation, washing, and drying, and he uses this advantage to continually push the quality of his coffee. David has also separated sections of the farm based on environmental criteria, allowing him to further break down specific factors that affect his coffee’s quality and ensure absolute consistency from zone to zone. David's fastidious approach results in one of the best coffees we've ever had.

This delicious single origin is a showstopper with taste notes of rhubarb, cocoa nibs, and graham cracker. 


David Mburu


Kiambu East District


Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34




1900 Meters

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