• Ms. Wu's Hualien Honey Aroma
  • Ms. Wu's Hualien Honey Aroma

Ms. Wu's Hualien Honey Aroma

Black Tea

Ruisui, Hualien County, Taiwan

$20/ 50g

Notes of orange marmalade, baking spice, and buckwheat honey. 

In Ruisui in Hualien, on the pristine forested shores in eastern Taiwan, Mi Xiang (Honey Aroma) black tea has become iconic. The combined difficulties of small acreage, irregular bug bite, and an increasingly unpredictable typhoon season make for a dauntingly low yield. TRES encouraged the uptake of bug-bitten black teas in the region, playing uniquely to Ruisui’s (exactly) tropical latitude. MsWu has been producing Mi Xiang organically from her family garden in Ruisui since 1973 from transplant Da Ye (oolong) cultivar. We are lucky to be able to share the taste of Ruisui with you. 


Ms. Wu


Ruisui, Hualien County, Taiwan


Da Ye

Harvest Date

May-July 2021


200 masl

Brewing Recommendation

5g tea | 340ml water | 205°F | 3:00

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