Nichol Colbran

Nichol Colbran

Papua New Guinea

Rich. Floral.


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Baroida Estate was founded by Ben Colbran in the 1960s, during a time when the government encouraged foreign agriculturalists to acquire and cultivate land throughout the highlands. Ben was among the first farmers to cultivate coffee in this area, which led him to develop many unique approaches and solutions for growth in the local soils and climate. He passed his knowledge on to his son, Nichol, who now runs the farm and attributes the high quality of their coffee to the “old-fashioned” systems that were designed and implemented by his father decades ago.

Look for notes of black currant, maple, and hints of sage in the cup.


The Colbran Family


Baroida, Aiyura, Kianantu


Bourbon, Typica




1750 - 1800 Meters

Net Weight

300G or 1 Kilo

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