Rayos del Sol Density Separation

Rayos del Sol Density Separation


Delicate. Fruity.

$18/ 300G

Available in Drip profile only.

We've run a density separation on what is already phenomenal specialty coffee. The densest beans are consistently the highest scoring & most delicious.

This exclusive offering allows you to taste the true perfection of what this single origin coffee offers. There are only 150 bags available, so get it while you can.

In late 2019, we were thrilled to travel to Jaén Cajamarca in northern Peru to meet with several of the quality-focused and innovative producers from the La Prosperidad de Chirinos Cooperative. Located approximately 2000 meters above sea level in the Andes mountain range, Chirinos is known for its breathtaking beauty and stunning views.

Rayos del Sol (translation: sunlight) is an offering comprised of lots from three standout producers in the Chirinos Cooperative: Mariano Pena Huertas, Juana Maria Larreategui, and Ignacio Flores. We are absolutely delighted to share it with you.

This coffee is sparkling and crisp with an abundance of tropical fruit. We're enjoying taste notes of passion fruit, hibiscus, and toffee with a delicate, elegant finish. 

About Density Separations:

Density grading (sometimes called dry milling), simply put, is the process of separating the heaviest beans from the lighter beans. The more dense the coffee bean, the higher the quality. With dry milling, we run a density separation on what is already high end specialty grade coffee. We run our separations twice, and in doing so, we separate out the very best of the best beans to roast.

Why do we do it?  It was our love for coffee-- and our intense drive to taste it in it's absolute perfection-- that led us to the idea of density separating high end specialty coffee. Imagine a roast of an already incredible coffee where each bean is a "10". The luxury of the absolute best is what we have on offer here.

Density separations are very limited exclusives, and they tend to sell out quickly when they become available. Learn more about density separations & watch us in action here.


Prosperidad de Chirinos Coop


Cajamarca, Chirinos


Caturra, Pache




1700 - 1900 Meters

Net Weight

300G / Whole Bean

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