• Rio Jorco
  • Rio Jorco

Rio Jorco

Costa Rica

Delicate. Fruity.

$90/ 2 Kilo

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Costa Rica is one of the world's most regulated coffee producing countries, with very strict rules in place to ensure that exporters keep the producers' best interest in mind. For instance, 80% of the free-on-board (FOB) price of coffee, which is the price of the coffee when it is delivered at the port of origin, must go to the producer. Exporters can only make 1.5% of total FOB price, and mills 9%. Mills must even pay producers 40% of the total FOB value the day that coffee is received at the mill, but in reality, due to the fierce competition for high quality coffee, they pay closer to 99% value on the spot.

In the cup, look for notes of pear, toffee, and anise.


Finca Rio Jorco


Vuelta de Jorco, Cedral






1500 meters

Net Weight

2 Kilo / Whole Bean

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