• Summer Solstice Blend
  • Summer Solstice Blend

Summer Solstice Blend

Indonesia & Ethiopia

Rich. Fruity.

$110/ 2 Kilo

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Select roast profile (Drip or Espresso) based on your brew method.

As a continuation of our Solstice series, we are excited to offer this limited-release blend of coffees from Ethiopia and Sulawesi for the warm months ahead. The combination of washed and natural-processed coffees offers a wave of bright, fruity, and syrupy-sweet flavors to help fuel your adventures all summer. Ideal for brewing refreshing iced coffee on sunny porches or dense warming cups on campsite mornings. 

Look for notes of apricot compote, mascarpone, and french toast in the cup.



Daeng Balenkang, Daye Bensa


Indonesia & Ethiopia


Typica, 74158


Washed & Natural


1300 - 2100 meters

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Classic, Seasonal, Unique

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