• Swift x Coava Campout Essentials
  • Swift x Coava Campout Essentials
  • Swift x Coava Campout Essentials
  • Swift x Coava Campout Essentials
  • Swift x Coava Campout Essentials

Swift x Coava Campout Essentials

Brewing Equipment


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A collaboration between Seattle based Swift Industries and Coava Coffee, this kit has everything you need for two cups of tasty coffee on the go. 

Included in this this kit of essentials are two Campout custom MiiR 8 oz Camp Cups, one bag of Pacific Wonderland whole bean coffee, and a 6 pack of Ethiopian instant coffee (just add water!) in a Swift Industries Bike Bag, made in Seattle, WA.

Around the world, Swift Industries has organized the Swift Campout - lovingly hailed as the dirtbag holiday of the year. Campers can self-organize to skip town with friends, or plug into any of the established Navigator campouts.

Get on board and go camping!  No matter how you do it, make sure to sign up at swiftcampout.com, where the wild times kick off with highly educational content and amp up with giveaways and a content contest with a prize pack of this season’s Swift Campout pot o’ gold (in quality gear, not coinage, to be clear).



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Get meticulously roasted specialty coffee delivered to your home or office. Enjoy a bi-weekly or monthly coffee subscription of freshly roasted, whole bean coffee delivered right to your door. Coffee subscriptions make perfect gifts for all occasions, too.

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