Tanzania, 80%

Tanzania, 80%



Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili 80%

Taste notes: Cherry & Ripe Lemon

Kokoa Kamili is situated in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, an area known for its abundance of bird and mammal wildlife. This is a Criollo/ Trinatario blend. Farmers in this region have been practicing organic farming for generations. Cocoa is fermented in a banana leaf lined box for six days, then sun-dried and rotated for seven days.  Kokoa Kamili Cooperative works hard to provide a living wage for farmers while improving the quality of beans through proper fermentation and drying. We roast to reveal flavors of Cherry and Ripe Lemon.

Seahorse chocolate is drum roasted in small batches & hand-poured in Bend, Oregon. Pair it with any of our single origin coffees for a decadent experience.

0.5oz Chocolate Square | Ingredients: Cocoa beans, organic sugar. Vegan. 

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