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Ceremonial Matcha

Ujitawara, Kyoto

$35/ 50g

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Mouthwatering umami and crisp floral sweetness make this great for all-occasion sipping be it in milk, neat, or in bubbles.  Enjoy taste notes of edamame, pea shoots, and chocolate daisy.

In an inconstant world, continuity is challenging. At best, it is quaint, charming, or silly; at worst it is harmful, false nostalgia. But for some, including Grand Master Kobayashi, whose family has been producing tea in Uji since 1827 by thousand-year-old traditional methods, we are offered a living glimpse into the past. Kobayashi named this matcha Ima-mukashi (今昔), combining the characters for “the present” and “a long time ago”. 

About: Matcha, translating to "fine powdered tea," is a Japanese specialty. A labor of love, matcha requires its leaves to be shade-grown, its pluckings to be de-stemmed and de-veined, and its tencha to be finely ground into an ultra-fine silkiness. Though formerly associated with chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony, it has become a favorite of the western world for what many believe to be wide-ranging healthbenefits. Spirit Tea takes pride in offering exceptional matcha for not only lattes and smoothies, but for selections for usucha and koicha that reflect an artisanal heritage that has been practiced for centuries.


Mr. Kobayashi


Ujitawara, Kyoto; Refined in Kyotanabe


Yabukita dominant field blend

Harvest Date

May 20-27th, 2021 plus a four-week shading period

Brewing Recommendation

Traditional Hot Whisk (usucha) - 2g, 3oz water, 170 degrees. Over Ice: 2g, Ice, 6-8oz water - shake vigorously and serve neat

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