• Pacific Wonderland
  • Pacific Wonderland

Pacific Wonderland

Honduras & Peru

Complex. Rich.

$95/ 2 Kilo

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Most of us at Coava found ourselves in Oregon because of its dynamic landscape and the incredible accessibility to mountains, ocean, and forest. This beautiful and rugged place inspires, excites, and nurtures us, and we are celebrating it all at once with this blend, Pacific Wonderland.

Composed of coffees from Central and South America, where many of our longest-standing producer relationships reside, this sweet, bright, body-driven coffee is one of simple enjoyment: comfort and warmth. It's what gets us through the gray and rainy mornings, powers us along the trail or through an epic bike ride, and humbles us as we marvel at the awe-inspiring nature around us.

In the cup, look for balanced notes of date, tiramisu, and candied pecans. 


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Honduras & Peru






1600 - 2000 meters

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