Decaf ASPROTimaná

Decaf ASPROTimaná


Rich. Chocolatey.


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The ASPROTimaná coop was formed in 2001 by 38 founding members with a shared vision of socio-economic stability for coffee farming families. It has since grown to include over 850 members from 22 villages around Timaná, with more joining every year. General Manager, Robinson Figueroa, works to maintain the same vision as the founders through establishing dependable, long-term relationships with buyers willing to pay fair premiums for their top-quality coffee. The diversity of micro-climates around Timaná makes for an impressive array of flavor potential.

We're proud to offer a single origin decaf coffee that is not only absolutely delicious but created without the use of chemicals and solvents. The Swiss Water process involves water, coffee, time, and temperature. It's a 100% chemical-free process that preserves the subtle and distinct origin and flavor characteristics of the coffee. 

This decaf offering features rich notes of chocolate mousse, dried blueberry, and Fuji apple.


ASPROTimaná Cooperative


Huila, Timaná


Caturra, Bourbon




1400 - 1700 Meters

Net Weight

300G or 1 Kilo

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