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  • Coava Cone Filter
  • Coava Cone Filter
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  • Coava Cone Filter

Coava Cone Filter



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It's sleek, reusable, & makes killer coffee. See for yourself why this is the only way we hand brew coffee in our cafes.

The Coava Cone is a reusable filter that fits directly into a 6-cup Chemex or Moccamaster. It is commercial grade quality designed by coffee brewing professionals, and built for heavy, everyday use.

Made from 100% stainless steel, the photo-etched filtration pattern provides an unparalleled brewing experience; allowing oils to seep through resulting in a uniquely rich, full-bodied cup of coffee. It is a wonderful and often preferable alternative to paper filters, allowing for reuse and reducing waste.  

Our Pour Over Brew Guide has great tips on how to make the perfect cup of coffee with the Coava Cone Filter.


Coava Cone

Pour-over brew guide

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