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Instant Kilenso


Key Lime, Lavender, Custard


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In the cup, look for notes of key lime, lavender, and custard. 

Kilenso Mokonissa is one of the smallest villages in the Borena Hagermariam District of Sidama. In the past, the coffees coming from Kilenso would have been blended into larger lots and sold under the area’s catch-all name, “Ardi.” Since Coava began separating it out, Kilenso has become a customer favorite due to the unique flavor profile.

Like many small producers, the farmers here use organic farming practices but find certification is unattainable due to the high certification cost. The producers are methodical, conscientious, & passionate about growing and harvesting incredible coffee. 

This meticulously prepared coffee has been freeze dried so you can enjoy it wherever life takes you. Just add 10oz of filtered water, stir, and enjoy!

One box makes 6 cups of coffee.

One pouch makes 25 cups of coffee. 


Kilenso Mokonissa Cooperative


Borena Hagermariam, Sidama






1750 - 1900 meters

Net Weight

30g (6 sachets) | 125g (25 servings)

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