El Chicuate

El Chicuate


Rich. Chocolatey.


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The lands of Cajamarca once contained a flourishing village known as Chicuate, a vibrant, prosperous community rich with gold and cultural artifacts. After an earthquake tragically destroyed and swallowed the village, a massive lake formed in its place that today is surrounded by mountains teeming with small, humble coffee farms. This offering collects lots from 50 smallholders in the surrounding communities, whose coffees shine in part due to the ideal altitude, microclimates, and biodiversity of the region.

Look for round and sweet notes of golden raisin, chocolate biscotti, and baked apple in the cup.


50 small-scale coffee growers from the communities of Callayuc, Colasay, La Capilla, San José del Alto, Santo Tomas


Cajamarca, Peru


Caturra, Pache




1600 - 2000

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